This short quiz will give you an idea of your current state of motivation, power, love, and presence. The results are not to be interpreted as a replacement for therapy or coaching, but a tool to gain perspective on where you are and where you are going in your personal work.

Please be sure to answer all the questions with the best possible answer and to click on "Submit" at the end of the quiz.
What is your first name? *

What is your email address where  you would like the results sent? *

I very much want to improve my life. *

I tend to see things in black and white (life or death, now or never, your or me, good or bad, etc.) *

I sometimes profit at the expense of others, without being bothered by the pain or damage I may cause them? *

I take time to relax, re-create myself, and nourish my Soul *

I nurture my physical body with loving care, nourishing food, plenty of water, plenty of rest, and other essentials for good health. *

When I do things, my mind wanders off and I'm easily distracted. *

I am entitled to *

I tend to do the minimum amount of work necessary to keep my boss and my team satisfied. *

I spend time expressing myself through art, movement, music, play. *

When I have distressing thoughts or images, I "step back" and am aware of the thought or image without getting taken over by it. *

When I achieve something I want, I feel excited and energized *

I was neglected as a child as I did not get enough love, attention,  or attunement as a child and have not worked through this. *

I can be angry or aggressive when appropriate *

I love myself unconditionally, despite any flaws I might see? *

Others see me as *

My relationships tend to last: *

Others see me as *

I feel: *

It seems I am often "running on automatic" without much awareness of what I'm doing. *

When working on my goals, I put in maximum effort and work even harder if I've suffered a setback. *

When I get close to another, I feel *

When I am busy, I tend to be: relaxed, urgently hurried *

I have difficulty with intimate relationships: *

When I feel pain or discomfort *

I go out of my way to get the things I want (without hurting others) *

I currently suffer from addictions *

I am aware of how difficult it is to change my life, and keep working at it regardless *

I suffer from unresolved trauma *

I regularly set goals and objectives to achieve my vision for my life. *

I meditate *

Criticism or scolding hurts a lot and often stops me in my tracks *

I am depressed *

I have or believe I have ADD or ADHD *

I feel the need to always be in a relationship: *

I am plagued by suspicions that other people, including loved ones, may be doing things behind my back that will end up hurting me? *

If I have a negative thought or feeling I typically *

When I see people get taken advantage of I see them as *

My posture is *

When I am tense or stressed, I can *

I think I have plenty of healthy power. *

My opinions are: ignored/ appreciated *

I am usually willing to try something new if I think it will be fun or help me get what I want *

Thank you for participating. You should get an email in the next half hour with the results. (Your results will wander through the Ether for a while, before they are properly digested and scored. Thus the delay of up to 45 minutes. )
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